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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Glass Specialists customers often have questions about the services that we provide and about our technicians and what they work with. If you have questions, look through the following list to see if you can find an answer. If you don't, call us at (413) 586-2900 or send us an email at
Q: Will my auto insurer pay for my windshield repair?
A: If you have full or comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, your insurer will cover the cost after you reach your deductible. Comprehensive deductibles are usually up to $100.00. Don't confuse this with the collision deductible, which is usually higher.

Q: Will you bill my insurer for me?
A: We will complete all of the paperwork and send the bill directly to your auto insurer. We aim to remove the hassle associated with windshield replacement.

Q: Will billing my insurer for windshield replacement increase my premium?
A: Because windshield replacement falls into the comprehensive category of insurance, it doesn't reflect on your driving ability. This means that it's not a reflection of your accident risk, so billing your insurer won't affect your premium.

Q: Will you install glass of the same quality as the glass currently installed?
A: Yes. We use high-quality glass from original equipment manufacturers such as Carlite, Guardian, Mopar, Pilkington and PPG.

Q: How long will it take to replace my windshield?
A: Most windshield replacements take about one hour, but we recommend that you don't drive your vehicle for two to three hours following the installation. This ensures that the urethane seal cures properly. Our technicians can give you an estimated time that you can safely drive your vehicle based on the materials that they use and driving conditions.

Q: Do you only work on passenger cars?
A: In addition to passenger vehicles, we work on heavy equipment, trucks and specialty vehicles.